Unlocking Capital

by Keith Sharp

Globally, most national and local economies are experiencing a strong credit capital contraction, resulting in what has come to be known as The Great Recession. While the causes for this remain open for debate, the fact is there has been a shortage of capital coming into many communities, which in turn has  depressed local economic activity across America.

Unemployment remains unacceptably high, and many people experience great difficulty in selling their houses. These facts are widely accepted. A fresh infusion of capital is needed to remedy this situation, and get the economic engine running again.

Now, capital (wealth) creation is a greatly misunderstood subject in our society. Many people don’t realize that wealth is actually created when people do business together. Or, they don’t recognize the mechanism whereby wealth is created: the profit motive.

When two people barter, a trade is made where both parties experience gain, or profit. Otherwise the trade wouldn’t occur.This is multiplied billions of times per day, everyday, across America, with every transaction that is made. This is wealth being created.

Since the vast majority of trades use Dollars, people generally don’t realize that they are in fact trading with one another. They are using Dollars as a medium of exchange to facilitate their trades.

As already mentioned, America is experiencing a capital shortage, caused by a number of factors. The federal government is attempting to alleviate this problem by borrowing and spending more money in the economy, but with limited success.

Federal borrowing and spending programs are causing Dollars to become devalued, which is causing food and energy prices to rise, resulting in what most people call inflation.  This is putting consumers in what appears to be an unsolvable dilemma: the shortage of capital in their communities is depressing economic activity, while prices for food and energy continue to rise.

What is the solution? Capital infusion! Not printed currency backed by nothing, but real money. Money that people value because real work goes into creating it. Safe money, backed by real value, and not subject to inflation.

This is why an alternative currency must be introduced – to unlock the capital in every community that is otherwise  unreachable, and turn it loose so people can increase their economic activity. Therefore, we arrive at the solution of Freedomworx, and offer the following:

Our mission is to strengthen communities through promoting charitable works, building solidarity among the members through free enterprise; and to improve the national and local economies by intelligent application of known wealth creating principles.”

By introducing an alternative currency we can accomplish these aims. Bitcoin runs alongside of, and is complimentary to Dollars. Using charitable works as an entry into the economy, and tapping into the natural good will that people have for others in their communities, Freedomworx will begin have positive impact on the economy.